Friday, April 16, 2010

New inspiration

Restless cleaning up energy made me see all these things today,  lots of red huh.    I'm paring down the inside from toys, books & piles of projects, trying to get to a clean, fresh ( spring ) feel.  Moving our life outside is so pleasent but it does take a toll on our floors.  Random thoughts on a sunny windy friday afternoon.  Hopeing to have a productive gardening weekend,  cross your fingers for me.
Happy weekend everyone.

1) a print I bought here, finally found a good spot for it this afternoon,  great words to live by.
2) these fantastic red boots that have been though so many little feet, finally made their way back to Oscar just in time for mucky gardening.
3) Another piece acquired this winter from Adam, a great musician & artist.
4) The first tulips bloomed this morning.  Our house guests are horse folks, so I thought this bottle would be perfect.
5)This crazy book with fantastic illustrations.


Boy Crazy said...

Every time you post I love you more.

Let's plan a night at the Weary in a couple weeks?


Juniper said...

I love those boots!!!