Tuesday, April 28, 2009

finally a gift

My first piece of jewelry made by Felix, I swooon. Is this because I took him on a date this weekend ( camera batteries were dead! of course. ) I arrived at school early today, another errand would have surly cost me in between $10 - $25 depending on where I stopped. Felix took my hand immediately & lead me into the classroom and gave me this bracelet, isn't it perfect!
I'm starting a new job tomorrow ( a little PT thing making muffins ) and I am having a little separation anxiety from the boys, so this token is just the rite thing. At dinner we were talking about it again & felix said " mama, you and I are artists and papa makes the music. "
proud proud mama.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

spring things

Spring has begun in our house this weekend. The gardens opened today across the street and the hustle & bustle of optimistic gardeners is hard to ignore. T & I found a little time to plant some seeds outside too, peas, beets, spinach, carrots & potatoes. It's hard to be inside on days like this, but if there's a drum session we linger.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

peter and the wolf

If you have visited my house lately Felix will undoubtedly be humming, pretending or playing Peter & the Wolf. His latest musical obsession is pretty sweet so I made him a set of dolls and a felt board so he could play along with the music. A lot of my gifts get lost in the midst of an hour or so but this one hit the spot. It's thrilling to see him play along and even mimic the English accent of the narrator on the CD. " what kind of bird are you if you can't even swim?? ...." This activity has replaced the pre-quiet time TV shows that we used to do, so I hope this obsession lasts.

Friday, April 10, 2009

bridge t's

a quick note before the weekend starts. here are a few t's that I made for my dear nephews, who give all their hand-me-downs to my boys. Because they think I'm probably from another planet I thought I'd make them some far out t's for Easter. I really like the way they came out, the oxfords are really cool too. anyway, we'll see if they actually wear them.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

painting again

Here are some of the "sketches" for the show coming in june, which seems like rite around the corner. Seems like there's always something going on so now, so I have to make dinner at 4pm and hand off everything when T comes in from the shop and hit the studio for an hour. Not so bad but I do miss a nice walk in the prairie, but I can actually listen to NPR. I'm having a really good time with this series and everyone I tell gives me a new idea. The latest was from my brother who said that his host father in Brazil would keep match sticks and egg shells in mason jars, those will definatly make it into the show. Now that the little craft frair is done ( was SUPER FUN, think about it, go to a bar for evening and sell crafts, OK I guess I will.) Some great friends stopped by and I shared a table ( or 3 ) with a great crafty friend. So, now back to it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

making up for lost time

I drove by this awesome blue box in the trash yesterday, I think it works perfect for display. I'm in a small etsy trunk show put on by some friends at this great bar, Genna's this weekend. While I told myself to not make a big deal of it, looking at all of this makes me think otherwise. Here's the goods. Some prints & paintings matted, Fabric covered cork boards, miscellaneous vintage nick-knacks, and these embroidery hoop applique pieces ( my favorite so far.)
vintage pillow case pj pants ( did't your bunk mate in camp have these! )
Freezer paper napkins with swallows
Various shirts with freezer paper stencils.
and my real favorite, snake napkins. My metal head friend gave me the idea, good thing because my idea was cutsie bunnies, I like the snakes MUCH better, for this hipster crowd it's really dangerous don't you think?!