Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Addicted to annuals

Spring this year in Wisconsin is absolutely the most perfect spring we've ever had.  That perfect sunny 60's weather that begs you to have your coffee outside.  It's so nice in fact that I am terrified by the idea 40 degree weather again.  How quickly I get spoiled.  We've planted our kale, beets, potatoes, spinach etc. and are eager to get more into the ground.  And I caught the annual bug last weekend, from my mother.  I arrived at her house & saw flats of annuals ready to put into window boxes. Already??
So I did the same.  I know I know we're risking it, it's April 20th for gods sakes !  But I'm rollin' the dice. 
More garden photo's coming once things come up, we have a whopping 4 going this year ( in different locations) I guess this early start was a good thing.  

I love this season. 

( meg that dirty feet photo is for you ;)

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FiveGreenAcres said...

All of you crazy folks with your spring fever are making me feel like I'm super, super late, though I'm actually waaaaaay ahead of the game this year, for me. But I love the inspiration! (keep it coming!) Except for my seed starting. Going out to do that this minute, literally. Wish me luck!