Monday, August 16, 2010

deck to landing : before & after

It's always been in the back of our minds to redo the back porch/deck/jail cell one day.  So we designed, talked to friends and started to hoard materials.  A few bricks here,  some flagstone there, and what seemed like a snails pace project now is DONE!!!  Take a look see.

The old, thankfully rotting, deck.  With it's high railing and small stairway oriented not to the yard but the driveway instead.  Sure we had fun out here, and it was functional but it always seemed apart from the yard rather than an extension of it.

This is the new patio & deck ( sorry for the dappled light, it's just been so damned sunny lately)  We built a cedar landing with wide large steps, going to a brick & flagstone patio.  We wanted it to act as a space where kids & friends could come & go.  Eat, play music & shuck corn or have coffee on those steps.   Be in the yard. Here are a few more in shots of the progress

designing the shape & size the materials we had would allow.

Another reason I love my handy & patient husband, he built the stairs on the nights that I worked.  That means these two were happily helping out too.

Friday, August 6, 2010

summer treasures

Some simple shots of what's happening in our neck of the (vary mosquitto'y) world.

I have a piece in a group show that is at our local botanical gardens, we went to see it this last weekend with my mother in law.   It it a magical place every season of the year, especially this one.

Growing, picking, eating, preserving, storing.  We asked for it and we got it.  I just heard a 'clink' from a jar of pickles sealing in the kitchen,  sigh of satisfaction.

Treasure hunting today led me & Oscar to a crazy place we would go before we had kids ( because it is FILLED with junk.) But within that junk there were treasures. A  handmade quilt, a wooden tricycle, leather log carrier, black metal lunchbox, large tin serving platter ( seen under those green tomatoes) and ....

  this awesome awesome basket.  all for $60.  can't beat that

Heading to a dance tonight and camping after , crossing my fingers that we don't get eaten alive.  No twirly skirts for this dancing gal,  long pants and socks I'm afraid.   ta ta for now.