Thursday, June 25, 2009


No, I didn't move or crawl under a rock, even if I wanted to. Summer life has wrapped around my ankles and pulled me in all directions. Here's a little taste.
The little one has proved to be very adventurous this summer. Keeping up with the big guy. No matter what is in or on my hands, Oscar seems to think that they are only for him.
Constantly little toys everywhere. A new sculpture game for the summer that is EXCELLENT!
Constant laundry,
Constant dishes
Constant shoes on & off, bathing suits wet & dry.
Constant ball play, sandbox fights and bug spray.
Constant thought of " when are the chickens coming again?" and secretly "when will this be finished??!"
Constant garden neglect. I know, you all have of this too but I wanted to explain my absence.

My last 2 months in a nutshell. The show went great ! The opening was attended by family & great friends, I was all smiles and I finally wore a shirt that I made last summer. OH OH, before that I went to new york to visit 3 ( out of 4) of my siblings. Not being the cell phone or camera type of person I don't have anything to show for it. But it was an amazing break, time to talk uninterrupted with my maturing brothers and ever silly sister.
I try to give myself a month off after a big project to focus back on my family, and I suppose I am doing just that. So not much creative stuff except for some pants for the little guys. I do have the rearranging bug back so hopefully I'll have some house photo's soon. thanks for checking in.

Now I'm going to check back out.