Thursday, February 25, 2010

back on track : updated shop

I carved out some time today ( thanks MOM!!!) to update my etsy shop, which hasn't had anything in it for almost a year, gulp.  So here are a few pieces you will find at tenfingerworshop on etsy.  More to come.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

reaffirmation: write an artist statement

We're slowly getting back into the swing of things here at my house. A new computer is on the way, husband is on the mend and while still grieving for a loved one I am feeling hopeful about the future. Since I really don't have much creatively to show you, I wanted to share this great tool for all of you crafty friends.
Write an artist statement!
Don't think that title applies to you??? well it does! So we make our kids Halloween costumes and gifts for friends, it still counts YOU ARE AN ARTIST. Every choice you make from the material, the color, the construction or how you frame your photograph is a mark of your aesthetic. So why not?? Go here & follow this wonderful writing exercise and see what you come up with. You don't have to show it to anyone, but this simple act is the best thing you can do to plant both feet on the ground and call yourself an artist. Reference back to it whenever you need a reaffirmation to what you do and why.

This is my artist statement I wrote for a show I had last year using the link.

I paint, I sew, I bake, knit, print, stencil, cut, paste and on and on as a reaction to my everyday life. Not feeling it necessary now to make a large statement about the affairs of the world, but to instead find beauty on my kitchen counter. I am satisfied by my practice of making art by doing, working, collecting, experimenting and sharing every bit. Many of you know that I am much like my three year old, often saying “ look what I made!” I revel everyday knowing that I am working in the space where I live and my practice of creating is near me always.

My life as an 'artist' has changed greatly in the last 4 years since I committed to focus on my growing family. While for some this change slows them down, the pace of children has helped me immensely. An hour has never meant so much. The material that I use has grown too, fabric, bits of trim, a small shovel, buttons, a soft curve, rusty nails, outdated playground equipment or a new book. All of these added to my typical art supplies surround me in my studio waiting to be noticed and thrown in the mix. The online community of artisans, crafters and other mothers, letting their lives and art be seen by everyone has opened my eyes to the possibility of creating art with the simple truth of my life.

The Ball Jar series of paintings and prints, titled “ Spring Collection” came out of recognizing that inspiration is all around me. In an attempt to be more self-sufficient, like so many others, canning and preserving is a part of my yearly work now. These jars, old and new became an obvious image for me. They are keepers of the past and the intention for the future. Memento's of a walk or a simple storage solution for your junk. The Jars themselves as relics of the past, labels, volume amounts, shapes and sizes all unique to my kitchen yet universal to many. The collections that live inside each jar are independent, that is each composition was arrived at through different means. The egg shells, for example, are from a story my brother told me of his travels. The beach finds, a collection sent to us from dear family friends. They all come together, uniting as a series because of the vessel, the holder, a piece of glass used by so many, but really looked at only by a few.

Lily Hoyer-Winfield 2009

so you're turn. let me know how it goes! good luck, you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

see ya

Computer crash, family in flux. I have a studio filled with ideas but all of that will just have to wait. I trust that happy days are around the corner, the chickens started laying again. I'll be back when I can.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

squeel ... freebee stencil

ohhhhhweeee, I can't believe these turned out so well. I saw a pillow recently with this love graphic, and immediately fell in love with it. I modified the E a bit and made T's for the boys for Valentines day using freezer paper stencils. 10 minutes, seriously, I want to put this on their underwear, but I haven't yet.

My Valenines gift for you too. Since I don't know how to create a PDF, the last photo should be printer paper size, hopefully you can print it out & use it for your loved one. Or if it is as easy as a freezer paper stencil, which I can handle, help me out!

the boys room

I have been loving using the phrase ' boys, lets...... get dressed, go to bed, get coats on etc. With the two of them getting closer in ability & interest it was necessary to change their room around a bit. They've been sharing a room for a year now, except with a huge crib taking up more space than it needed to. So a little mid-winter shake up, crib taken down with the help of my little guys and a new toddler bed installed. A dresser switcheroo and we have the boys room. With my tendencies it will probably be moved a hundred times over but I actually like this configuration of toys ( or lack of ), mementos & cozy animals to make their room soft & warm. I tend to keep toys our of their room but keep plenty of books around. I like the idea that this space can be used as a play area if needed but when it's time to rest there's little else to do but look at a book in your bed , or your brothers. I had a vintage shower curtain in my stash that I hung as a winter curtain, it's a pastoral scene with large birch trees & arborvitaes ( you can see a bit in the last photo) . I love it, one of those hot damn! moments, it brings spring into the room during these cold days. Felix's corner looks positively 50's with his quilt & dark wood bed & dresser, both are family heirlooms which we treasure. I know these boys won't be able to fit in a room together for long, literally they will be too tall, so I'm tickled that they love to share one now and each has a space of their own.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Feburary inspiration : pt 2

Everyday I go to a bunch of blogs to see what's happening. One that I particularly love is fine little day . I love Elisabeth's aesthetic, posting beautiful photographs of intreging books, dishware, her artwork as well as others and the nature around her. Yesterday I tried to see things as she would, looking closer at my surroundings. I realized that I had all these precious tokens scattered around my dining room. I've always wanted a life there art was all around me, maybe I have it already. A few more items to put on the inspiration shelf.

have a good weekend everyone.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oscar's Vest

This was a quick homemade holiday gift for my youngest son Oscar. I had some great polka dot polar fleece in my stash. I doubled the fabric & used a a shirt as a pattern. Accounting for a large head ( my kids noggin's are huge! ) I made a deep V on the front piece. Sewing the shoulder seams first & than the sides. I hemmed the neck line & the bottom to give it a finished look but stopped short of the arm holes. I love this vest & will make more as soon as this one is too small for this fast growing toddler.

This second child always is wearing hand me downs, so it feels great that this vest is all his.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last night was our annual women's new year celebration, Candlemas. A quiet tradition for the women in my community, a time to gather and reflect on the previous year and to think about the next. Every year the energy is different depending on the women who can come. This year was a silly one, but the laughter was much needed. In the 70's my mothers community of new moms & dear friends started there version of candlemas.

We write our worries on paper, using as many as we need. My goal this year was to be specific, to try to identify exactly what keeps me up at night or knots my stomach.

We tie them to a communal branch. All the while chatting and laughing creating a safe & warm energy in the space between us.

We take a tarot card, if you choose, to help lead you into the new year. I really like Medicine Cards. I picked the Salmon.

We slip & slide onto the frozen lake and burn our worries. Sing rebirth songs and look at the incredible night sky. Letting go of all that we need to in order to move forward.

Cheeks burning we return to the warmth of inside, leaving the fire to smolder on the ice. Our final duty is to eat flaming raisins, a thrilling treat.
We laugh & feel uplifted, thankful for the time together and the opportunity to start again.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

feburary inspiration : europe

For me, inspiration comes in small amounts. Than in a flash I see how they all fit together. Connected by a color, a pattern, a medium or a line. I sometimes get a glimpse of a finished piece and I start the process of getting there. Other times images & feelings have to sit together on a shelf for a while until they can be plucked down & put in the rite place.
I realized today that the shelf is filling up. We'll see how & where these will show up.....

1:clogs I saw a pair this weekend & LOVED!! found them here
2:A poster of stamps that was leftover from a swap.
3. Vintage painted wooden figures thrifted.
4. A gorgeous embroidered Mary & Baby J, thrifted by my mom, awesome!