Thursday, October 16, 2008

the year of curtains

I finally put up the last , well almost, curtain in the house. These in a way symbolize my year of sewing too. My mom bought me an old singer for my birthday last year and I put it to work. Sheepishly calling friends in the middle of a tension crisis. Now when I look around my home, windows cleaned for the year, I see more of my personality on every window. what's next on the list??

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fall attire

I cleaned up the flip flops, sun-hats and sunscreen today, put them in their appropriate bins for next year. This is what our hooks look like now, old flannel, new Pendleton, Handmade sweater and a big boy vest. As I head into the fall my need to bake and preserve all the food that comes into my kitchen becomes a joy. A way to warm up in the afternoon by turning on the oven or stove.
So I ask you, what are your favorite bread recipes??

( I'd love a grainy, chewy, sweet sandwich bread. )