Thursday, April 29, 2010

fresh from the woods

 We've been on the hunt for a week now.  This weekend we were finally rewarded for our constant forest floor watching. We found about a pound of morels , in fact Felix was the first one to spot them.  They present themselves to you and all of a sudden pop pop pop, you start seeing them all over, it's like magic.  And so is the woods, we are soaking up all of the outdoors we can this spring, because we know, like the morels, it's fleeting.

 thanks for all the great feedback about Red Bird Farm,  we're going to plant those onions this weekend, and we'll probably bring the fiddle too.

1 comment:

Juniper said...

Oh how lucky!! They look delicious!!! Love your description of finding them. Well done little Felix for spotting the first one! Good eyes.