Thursday, January 27, 2011

penguins - the long winter days pt 1

I had stashed this cool wooden model from a recent craft store raid a few weeks back.  When reading Casper the Ghost comics exhausted itself this afternoon I stumbled upon this.  So while the little one was asleep, Felix & I dove into figuring this thing out.  It was so fun, I felt like I had finally found a project that was at his level, fun and we stayed friends throughout building it.  The result is a sweet pair of penguins.  A mama and a little guy,  how perfect. 
score one for the tired what are we going to do???

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

the long winter days

These days come every year,  cold, still & snowy.  The wonder has worn off, no celebrating or gift giving, now it's just a waiting game.  It's too early to think about spring, but we can start to dream about the garden.  We knit, bake and watch movies, try to make plans and only a few happen. It's the perfect space to be in my first trimester,  with no energy to do much of anything, but dream about the summer.    and a baby. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

in the new year

hello friends.  I don't have much happening on my end at the moment besides cleaning up, purging & making my 2011 list.  Here's how it stands:
- get lenses for my awesome new wooden glasses
- take a page from elsie marley, simple, organized & cool.
- give this midwife some business
- organize my studio, again.
- do more yoga
- make homemade cheese somehow
-  give these children some breakfast. 

happy new year all of you.