Tuesday, October 27, 2009

views from the day

Today felt like the days when I was a new mom, only a few years ago. All day at home, quiet music on, small tasks, lots of books, nap times a must. I tried to stay off of the computer & out of the kitchen. A vintage puzzle was unearthed from who knows where, a drawer maybe. A coloring station, a tent. I know that with the boys getting bigger I tend to run them more. Going on more errands & adventures, which is fun. But today was a good reminder that to be home all day, again, can be simple & fun.

Monday, October 26, 2009

counting coins

Like many others we're sick around here. The little guys have fevers but are lively & have a good appetite, T & I are waiting for the other shoe to drop, we'll see how the next week goes. So, home bound. Felix has been wanting to count out his owl bank lately ( his birthday IS coming up) so I came up with this little teaching moment. No counting, values or anything too complicated ( yet). I found a nice coin chart here, took a sheet tray & uncorked the owl bank**. We matched, stacked & talked about all of them for....about 5 min. Maybe your children will last longer, but I bet we will come back to this during our sick spell.

**Oh, I didn't take ALLLL the coins out, only a good variety.

hope you all are well.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

missing riley

some of you close to us know that we had to let our dog go up into the clouds last week.

I'm reallly missing him today. During nap time he would accompany me in the kitchen, making a sweet treat for later. I'm off to bake a little without him. I know everyone in my house is missing Riley. He was one of those great dogs.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

weekend in the north woods

Headed up north this weekend to a old family spot my husband used to go. It was lovely, grandparents & aunts & uncles to hang with the kids. I knit a few projects, and picked up some fresh cranberries ( $1/lb!!). We saw fall and loved it.
hope you had a good weekend too.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

sitting down?

Been too long. Life's a whirlwind here at my house, as I'm sure yours is too. 2 season's worth of clothing everywhere, moving toys inside from here, and the general juggling of home.
I think the last time I sat down with the boys was to do this button sorting project. Now nicley displayed in our living room. I was surprised at how many different shades of gray, black, white & off white there were. I'll have to do a color chart with buttons when I have a free week or so.
hope this seasonal transition is treating you well, best of intentions to get back here soon.