Tuesday, April 6, 2010

homemade ricotta

I have these fantasy's sometimes of making my own butter, cheese, bread, clothes, bean bags & toys, and any other item that seems within my reach of abilities but aren't equipped yet with the rite stuff.  While I do do some of these things on that small list I don't claim that they are very good or anything to brag about.  ( A recent 6 year old guest said during lunch " I wish you had some regular bread" it hurt a little I admit.  )
But I made ricotta today that f'n rocked !!   At my workplace there is a free bin & there on sunday night were 4 quarts of spoiled whole milk, perfect for making ricotta.   So after lunch today, I found this recipe and made some while hanging out in the kitchen with Felix.  I have made ricotta before, but I remembered sitting over the pot for 45 min. waiting waiting waiting,  but this seemed so easy.  Maybe it was because I didn't have any $ in it or that I'm finally beginning to trust myself.  We had it for dinner with fish, capers, tomatoes & couscous.  And will have it tomorrow with maple syrup drizzled and maybe maybe I'll try a custard recipe I found.    Or what else should I do????


Little C and Little J said...

free homemade ricotta. that rocks.

Beth said...

I vote for stuffed (baked?) french toast!!

Maria said...

Canolli! I vote for dessert items!

ten finger workshop said...

YES! canolli's it is! I had some on fresh bread & peach jam for breakfast, I savored every bite!
great suggestions everyone!