Tuesday, February 8, 2011

from the north country : ten finger workshop

Staying warm : a few crafts from the snowy north

This sweater mitten tutorial from five green acres changed my life this winter.  I've made about 20 of them, for friends and family.  They are satisfyingly quick, economical and most importantly warm.  This set was for a family who has an annual camp out on a frozen lake, I have yet to participate but I thought their digits could use some extra protection.

Insulated Curtains ,  a must have for a drafty old house that sees 4 months of  winter winds that come from the north. 

These curtains were really simple to make too.  Heavy Ikea fabric and a quilted mattress cover, that had been torn by the washing machine, made for an simple panel curtain.  Made a bit longer than the windows so it can be tucked on the sill to keep drafts down.  Not the fanciest thing I've ever made, but it has made the most difference.   

Minor improvements every year keep us treading through winter namely a netflix membership and lots of wool.  I hope you stay warm too.  
Thank you meg for letting me guest post for you this week, come visit me at ten finger workshop. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

details - long winter days pt 3

We had epic winter storms this week that forced us to stay inside.  Staying in our pj's,  turned the oven on and enjoying another long winter day together.
We roasted the rest of our sqaush & pumpkins from the root cellar .  Filling the depleted freezer with puree,  and our shelves ready for empty canning jars, waiting for next year. 
Welcome February, and one month closer to the growing season.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

art table - long winter days pt.2

 It seems like soooo long ago when I moved in the art supplies from the front porch for the winter.  What ended up being a vintage metal assemblage of furniture is our art table.  A wide trough held paper, stickers, crayons etc. ready whenever the mood stuck the boys.  I tried to clean it up, move supplies through every once in a while to keep it fresh but too often it just became another cluttered mess.     SO,  enter in another vintage piece of metal furniture. 

 This tall organizer has been in my studio for about 10 years,  holding....who knows what.  Time to give it up, haul it upstairs and give it over to the family's newest artists.  It gave the table top more space,  more supplies with less clutter and hopefully inspiration.   With a blizzard on the way I'm hoping this updated art table get's some more use.  sooo now what?