Thursday, April 8, 2010

farm & forest buttons

Here are some of the most recent ( and finished) handwork projects I've done.  I think I'll call them the farm & forest buttons.  My interest in these started when I couldn't for the life of me embroider a chicken head, not super happy with this one either really, and I thought these buttons would be good practice.  I looked in vintage story books nabbed from my mom's place ( sorry mom ) wanting the portraits to look like old illustrations.  I really love the way the sheep turned out and the bear.  I have a goose, wolf, fox & a mouse in the works.  Now what should these go on?  esty or hoard? 
some embroidery books I used for this project:
Kyuuto : Japanese Crafts! Wooly Embroidery
The complete book of embroidery stitches

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Juniper said...

GREAT BUTTONS!!! Very impressed with your embroidery talents, the sheep and bear are especially fetching. They are all so cool. Can't wait to see the rest! I think they would look really nice on a woollen shawl sort of thing, with a hood... sort of little red riding hood style, with one button under the child's chin.