Monday, January 4, 2010

week in shapes, official opening day & rules to play allong

oh yippee, I'm so glad some of you want to join me. Leave me a comment & I'll link to your blog here.

tigerlily tinkering

at the end of this row

Look for shapes that inspire you in & around your home. This means obvious shapes, like a beautiful vase or a piece of furniture. But also look for shape within negative space, how 2 edges relate to each other, (like this photo). While I don't really want to tell you what to look for we can use these jumping off points.


Tuesday-circles, ellipses

Wednesday-squares / rectangles

Thursday - a natural or organic shape

Friday - your choice ( well they are all up to you really)


Beth said...

For Monday morning I went for the obvious - what was right on front of me at my computer. The bracelet was made for me by Olivia - her first art project for me to wear. I love the red against the white and black. I actually haven't worn the bracelet - it's been hanging there since she gave it to me (a year ago?).

Little C and Little J said...

Wahoo! Yippee! I love this game. Circles, huh. That's a fun one.