Saturday, January 16, 2010

learning to skate

It's like a rites of passage here in the frozen north, learning to ice skate. When I learned to skate, on this same pond, my dad would bring a chair to steady us as we learned and mom would bring popcorn in a big ol paper bag. Now they have these great walkers for kids, we had to share them but it was really fun. The warming house had that same smell of hot chocolate, socks & melting ice.

I remembered to bring popcorn.


Anonymous said...

Ah, cold toes and lacing up skates.

ellie said...

Lucky you! I remember having skating fights. Skaters vs. Hockey Player. Hockey players usually got the ice!

Juniper said...

Oh the memories! Very exciting to see little F out there standing, funny that the warming house is as it's always been. Good thing you remembered the popcorn!