Friday, January 1, 2010


it's a fun year to write, 2010, 2010.
in my mid-new years day haze here are my resolutions.

to edit
to forgive

I'll be checking all of your blogs for your resolutions. all my best for this year.

thanks for the great feedback on the last post. It gave me the confidence I needed to wear my shirt with pride last night.
I'll keep it up if you will;)


Boy Crazy said...

Hey, wanted to say I loved the dress from that last post. You're looking fab. (Would love to see you in person soon!)

Great picture on this post, too. Did you get that new camera we talked about ages ago?

I love your resolutions. I don't have mine up yet, still letting my blue moon gaze linger from last night a while longer.

xo Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

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