Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Last night was our annual women's new year celebration, Candlemas. A quiet tradition for the women in my community, a time to gather and reflect on the previous year and to think about the next. Every year the energy is different depending on the women who can come. This year was a silly one, but the laughter was much needed. In the 70's my mothers community of new moms & dear friends started there version of candlemas.

We write our worries on paper, using as many as we need. My goal this year was to be specific, to try to identify exactly what keeps me up at night or knots my stomach.

We tie them to a communal branch. All the while chatting and laughing creating a safe & warm energy in the space between us.

We take a tarot card, if you choose, to help lead you into the new year. I really like Medicine Cards. I picked the Salmon.

We slip & slide onto the frozen lake and burn our worries. Sing rebirth songs and look at the incredible night sky. Letting go of all that we need to in order to move forward.

Cheeks burning we return to the warmth of inside, leaving the fire to smolder on the ice. Our final duty is to eat flaming raisins, a thrilling treat.
We laugh & feel uplifted, thankful for the time together and the opportunity to start again.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful to spend the evening with women energy, especially this year with the young mom energy.

cindy said...

i really had a wonderful and insightful time. thanks to all of you for the sisterly and womanly spirit. i know that i can count on you all to share my triumphs and failures (or learning experiences-eh, salmon).
love to you...

Juniper said...

I miss this so much, can imagine the evening clearly, and with the new spice of having an increase of young mums too. Hmm will have to burn some worries alone in my yard I suppose and draw a card from the deck, had forgotten the date of Candlemas, thank you for the reminder Lil. Great shot of the burning raisons by the way!

Boy Crazy said...

Oh, Lily. I wish our paths crossed more often. You inspire me in so many ways.

What an awesome night it sounds like you all had. Good for you for making it a tradition.

xo elizabeth