Thursday, February 4, 2010

Oscar's Vest

This was a quick homemade holiday gift for my youngest son Oscar. I had some great polka dot polar fleece in my stash. I doubled the fabric & used a a shirt as a pattern. Accounting for a large head ( my kids noggin's are huge! ) I made a deep V on the front piece. Sewing the shoulder seams first & than the sides. I hemmed the neck line & the bottom to give it a finished look but stopped short of the arm holes. I love this vest & will make more as soon as this one is too small for this fast growing toddler.

This second child always is wearing hand me downs, so it feels great that this vest is all his.


Juniper said...

Nice one, very soft and cosy looking... hmm could imagine a nice little jumper like that, just extend it down 10 inches in an A line style. Ever thought of adding some clothes to your etsy shop??

Beth said...

Just wonderful! I love, love, love the vest look. And so practical too.