Tuesday, April 28, 2009

finally a gift

My first piece of jewelry made by Felix, I swooon. Is this because I took him on a date this weekend ( camera batteries were dead! of course. ) I arrived at school early today, another errand would have surly cost me in between $10 - $25 depending on where I stopped. Felix took my hand immediately & lead me into the classroom and gave me this bracelet, isn't it perfect!
I'm starting a new job tomorrow ( a little PT thing making muffins ) and I am having a little separation anxiety from the boys, so this token is just the rite thing. At dinner we were talking about it again & felix said " mama, you and I are artists and papa makes the music. "
proud proud mama.


Anonymous said...

That's really, really great. Good work, Mama! And good luck at your new job! Sounds delicious!!

Boy Crazy said...

"you and i are artists and papa makes the music." how great to see your family through his eyes like that. What a lovely observation for a little boy to have.