Friday, April 3, 2009

making up for lost time

I drove by this awesome blue box in the trash yesterday, I think it works perfect for display. I'm in a small etsy trunk show put on by some friends at this great bar, Genna's this weekend. While I told myself to not make a big deal of it, looking at all of this makes me think otherwise. Here's the goods. Some prints & paintings matted, Fabric covered cork boards, miscellaneous vintage nick-knacks, and these embroidery hoop applique pieces ( my favorite so far.)
vintage pillow case pj pants ( did't your bunk mate in camp have these! )
Freezer paper napkins with swallows
Various shirts with freezer paper stencils.
and my real favorite, snake napkins. My metal head friend gave me the idea, good thing because my idea was cutsie bunnies, I like the snakes MUCH better, for this hipster crowd it's really dangerous don't you think?!


Juniper said...

Wow- have you ever!!! Well done, you have really made some beautiful things! Love the snake napkins and the swallow prints (how can I put an order in??)!

meg said...

how do I find out when it is?!