Friday, May 1, 2009

forcing rhubarb

April 1 : My patch of rhubarb just barely poking out of the ground.
Covered with a broken pot to block out the light and make the shoots reeeeach up.
April 30th : Forced Sweet Rhubarb.
I have always wanted to try this, ever since I saw these beautiful rhubarb forcers in England. Since I can't seem to get enough Rhubarb I started a second patch in our herb garden so that I could experiment with forcing this year ( I never plan ahead!) The theory is that the leaves of the rhubarb don't open up as large leaving the stalks to grow tall & slim but very very sweet, and you can harvest a little earlier in the season. Ohhh what to make what to make, maybe just a little compote on plain yoghart to see how sweet it is!


Beth said...


Juniper said...

Well done, they look perfect! Let us know how sweet they are.. wish it grew here!

Anonymous said...

Always a fan of the Rhubarb Torte. Mmmn. My rhubarb is jealous and feeling second-rate.