Thursday, April 16, 2009

peter and the wolf

If you have visited my house lately Felix will undoubtedly be humming, pretending or playing Peter & the Wolf. His latest musical obsession is pretty sweet so I made him a set of dolls and a felt board so he could play along with the music. A lot of my gifts get lost in the midst of an hour or so but this one hit the spot. It's thrilling to see him play along and even mimic the English accent of the narrator on the CD. " what kind of bird are you if you can't even swim?? ...." This activity has replaced the pre-quiet time TV shows that we used to do, so I hope this obsession lasts.


K, M, little C, and little J said...

Holy productive! I hardly have time to comment on everything you are making these days. It is all so awesome and inspiring, keep it coming!

Boy Crazy said...

i would LOVE to buy a similar set from you sometime! let me know if you're ever game!