Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pie or Cobbler? both of course

Let's make cookies mama! hmmmmm,   Scones????  weeeelllllll.....    Pie!   YES!  

During quiet time yesterday felix & I wandered arcross the street to the gardens to raid a friends Rhubarb patch that was going to seed ( I got permission ;).  Felix wanted to bake something and we settled on Rhubarb Pie, one of my all time favorite desserts.  It had been a while since just he & I cooked together.  Rather than 4 little hands knocking,  moving, and fighting over tasks, felix got to do all of them.  It was so calm, while I had to hustle to prep he just chattered away, telling stories of his dreams, friends or telling jokes.  Oh, the 4 year old.  In the middle of our sweet time Todd comes in and starts lobbying for rhubarb cobbler not rhubarb pie.  what the?!@#$  I had a plan.   So felix decided on both,  we'd make cobbler for desert and pie filling for the freezer.   how smart. 

I'm feeling like my little blog is becoming all cooking latley, and while I suppose it is true I'm really missing being in my studio.  Is it unrealistic to think I can do it all??? when there are obviously no more naps?

probably not,  but we still can have rhubarb pie this winter and be very very thankful.

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Boy Crazy said...

For some reason this made me cry. I shit you not, I am crying right now.

xo e.