Friday, May 28, 2010

mr big stuff

Our little Oscar is getting so big now I thought he deserved a new backpack for his summer fun.  Oscar not only is going to start a little nursery school but also is old enough to take part in our summer camp swap we've got goin' ( more details in a later post I hope).  I've been planning to do a backpck for a while and found an hour to whip this one out. I used a simple tote bag shape, adding shoulder straps that are also the drawstrings for the top.   It fits great & hopefully will hold all the towels, swim diapers & toys he needs to have fun this summer. 


kat said...

this is the backpack i've been trying to solidify in my brain to make for ollie! this backpack suits oscar perfectly, love the embroidered name! nice job, lily.

Boy Crazy said...

oh, so cute. my boys need little backpacks like this! consider setting up a little shop??