Friday, May 21, 2010

linen closet

We have been blessed with a beautiful home and yard except it has NO storage.  When I saw this white enameled cabinet at an estate sale a few weeks ago ( $5!!!!) I knew I could put it to good use.   I toiled with an art supply cabinet, sewing or office cabinet, but settled on using it as our linen closet.  It sits at the top of the stairs ( in a dark spot can you tell?) so the bright white makes the space seem bigger.  PLUS it was a perfect opportunity to try out these awesome chicken decals my mom got me a while back, just waiting to be used in the rite spot.  Really like how it all came together, a nice tidy spot for all our linens and whimsical little chickens running a mock inside ( and out ).

I was looking at these as options too, and the best part is I can change it up whenever I want.   Oh, I love decals!

or this flower


Juniper said...

Very cool find Lily! Love your use of the chicken decals, very cool. x x j

wall sticker said...

Nice wall sticker, are they removeable?