Thursday, March 18, 2010

Snippits v.2

I'm participating in a collaborative art piece put together by my good friend Elizabeth, and you can too! 
Here's my response to her words. 

Tin Pail by Elizabeth @
You may need an explanation for this one.  When I read Elizabeth's second snippit I first thought of the buckets hanging on our trees outside collecting sap, an easy response to her collaborative project.  But than I saw my husbands shoes, the shoes he bought for our wedding, the nicest ones he has ( no judging ! )  These have been worn a lot lately because of the losses our family has had recently.   Elizabeth's words made me remember that early morning phone call, a quiet voice saying those heavy words ' he's gone.' 
a somber response I know, but it's real for me.

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Boy Crazy said...

Oh, Lily. These real responses - the ones that are real and authentic to the person responding-- these are why I'm doing this. Thank you for sharing this bit of your heart and lives with me and us and Snippets. I love the picture. (and you!)

xo elizabeth