Sunday, March 21, 2010

liquid gold - homemade maple syrup

A few weeks back I posted about taping the trees in our yard, another experiment in our urban homesteading.
I'll be damned, it worked !  Now credit is givin where credit is due, Todd did about everything, except digging the buckets out of the dumpster at my work.  A friend had the taps, after the initial tapping of 3 trees in our yard & 8 across the street we yielded 35 gallons of sap.  Which boiled down to about 1 gallon of syrup. 
here's a good link if you want to do it too!

  A bunch went to the maple syrup festival yesterday, where families could come and see the whole process.

Besides having pancakes I also made a Maple Cheesecake for guests last week.  Ironically I forgot the sugar but the maple syrup provided enough sweetness for everyone.
After giving pints of homemade syrup to those who helped we have about 10 left over, now we have to make that last until next year.   Do you have any favorite things to eat with maple syrup?

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