Wednesday, March 17, 2010

back on the porch

It's that time again,  to get these two rambunctious kids out of my living room and onto the front porch.  I'm realizing this is an annual event.   A great time to purge, tidy up and give new energy to old toys.  It's also a perfect opportunity to gather toys to sell at this event.  So out with the old and hopefully not too much new.  This year I've added a larger folding table so we can have meals out here and I can work while they play (yeah rite! ).  I've also added an art box,  I've seen them at friends houses and loved them.  My two are not the most art orientated guys, but maybe this will be a good way for them to explore on their own because I realize that I am the one who ruins art time.  ahhhhh, anyway.

More art from me coming soon I hope.  I have some embroidered covered buttons I'm finishing and I'm taking a screenprinting workshop this weekend and I have high hopes it will result in a whole new direction.

I hope to post about Elizabeth's 'Snippits' project this week too.  Check it out, a great idea to get the creative juices flowing.


Juniper said...

So wonderful to have such a space, and with enough room for you all! Love the different corners for different kind of play. Wish we could come to your sale!
We have an art drawer, (and until the wee one gets a little bigger I have an art box for them which I can dole things out of) otherwise I think glitter glue and thick paint may make an appearance every day on every surface and all those fun scissors seem to like to quickly travel to the far corners of our house. That's just my gang though, they can't resist tape, glue and using every sticker available all at one go!

ten finger workshop said...

wish mine would create art with abandon, they get sooo concerned with how I help, ' noooooo mama, draw this!' I'm hoping if I take myself out of the equation they will go for it without worrying if it's 'rite' .

Stephanie said...

I love front porches. They are such happy places.

We have all of our art stuff (well...NOT the paint jars) on open shelves in the kitchen. It inspires lots of projects from my two. It will be sad to pack it all up once the baby comes and is crawling. Maybe a big box will get us through! Good idea.

Boy Crazy said...

oooh...I want to come over and play on the porch! let's make it happen, boystorm and all. :D

Anonymous said...

hey lil, I had a thought about the draw this problem----try a collaborative drawing ---or get them to give you something, just a squigle or a line or a blob and then you go from there and then trade---it becomes a game instead of ART.
just thinkin and sort of rememberin.
Had a great time today!

ten finger workshop said...

thanks maria, great idea! I'll try it this afternoon. I had an awesome time yesterday too