Saturday, August 29, 2009

back again

We made it ( barely). The boys explored every inch of mimi's farm, from the large stones to the sunflowers. While I had convinced myself that I would get a rest, I soon realized that it's the same amount of work, just in a different place. We did have a major breakthrough with Felix tho, in the potty department. So for all the running around & picking up after them it was worth it.
Now that we're back there's much to do, we're having a party here on friday night. My thirtieth to be exact, a perfect time to invite the whole town over for a potluck.
hope you have a good week & I'll have updates on the goings on over here soon. But I need a nap.


Boy Crazy said...

glad you had fun (even if it was still work). ;) great to see you today at the festival...hopefully we can make it over on Friday to celebrate with you!

Juniper said...

Wow look at those sun flowers! What a beautiful looking farm. Glad to hear there has been some progress in the potty department! Wish I could be there for your birthday bash !!!