Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Orton Park Festival

it's hard to choose.
maybe a little of everything.
the hardworking bakers, taking a well deserved break.
(photo taken by my dad) Oscar & I rearranging the bakery on the table.

In my town, Madison, Wi, on the east side of that town there are 4 + festivals a summer. All held in a beautiful neighborhood park. Local restaurants provide food, the boy-scouts provide the games and the best lineup of music you can hear north of Chicago. The Waterfront festival, Le Fet de Marquette and The Orton Park Festival, to name a few.

I grew up next to Orton Park and have volunteered for these events since I was 5. The best, the best best best of these events ( in my bakerly opinion ) is the Jazz Brunch. Held Sunday morning, on the last day of the orton park fextival this little bake sale is the best one you have EVER been to. Neighborhood folks donate dozens of bakery, like red velvet cupcakes, feta & phylo torte, scones, muffins, grits, quiches, macaroons, I could go on & on. Everything is $1 each. All the money is donated to the neighborhood association for free summer camp for kids.

For me it's about being at home again, a good sleepover at Grandma's. Baking late into the night, the healthy competition between mother & daughter as to who will bake what. In the morning dragging the vintage tablecloths & fresh flowers down the tent. And transforming the bingo tent into a proper outdoor brunch spot. The ladies who have been doing this for years all deserve a break ( MOM! ) but I am sure they love it so much they never will.

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Anonymous said...

Spending the evening baking with you was the highlight for me. Okay-your cherry almond scones looked more professional-and tasted great.

Somehow because it's done in the lost hours of the day-late at night baking and early morning setting up and arranging the event has a Christmas in August feeling for me. Love to smell yeasty sweet breads baking.