Monday, August 24, 2009

trying hard

I'm trying hard to be silly, present & kind with them.
To not pay attention to what's next, who's coming and what's expected.
But this one is hard.

I'm taking the boys to a friends house in the country for a few days in hopes of reconnecting with them ( and not yelling so much). Wish me luck.


Juniper said...

Good luck, and enjoy the space. Somehow with A off to Scotland and on my own with the trio I am finding each day has a bit of both extremes....the ' stop messing with your sister!' and the lets dance around the kitchen in undies to Love me do by the Beatles. Or actually stopping to listen to the very long winded explanation of some kind of jet plane. p.s. we rented the robin hood film today in ode to Felix.

Jake, Kat and Oliver Hoeksema said...

hi lily--what a gorgeous photo of felix. enjoy your time away with your boys, and maybe we'll see you in the prairie when you get back.

Boy Crazy said...

oh mama, if we could all just master the art of being present...this is my struggle too.

enjoy your time away, and when school starts, let's get together with the littles.

by the way, LOVE the new typewriter.