Thursday, August 13, 2009

a new commitment to home

I have taken a hiatus from the computer not because I had to but because my attention needed to be on my house. I find the best reward of a vacation is to come home feeling refreshed and ready to be home again. Making little changes to make things work better & feel better. The kids love their toys again, mama loves her dirty kitchen again and papa yearns for his shop. Everyone gets what they want. So here are some of my favorite views recently. I illuminated some artwork and hung this old straw hat in our hallway. I really like this simple calm moment before we head downstairs for our day.
Our newly furnished guest room ( no more futons!) Since we have people staying quite often this room needed a good bed. Its a great space to read tin tin before nap time too. I hope to re-upholster that chair this summer too.
Felix's tussled bed. I made this new cork board for the beginning of his school year, in hopes of hanging up his artwork & photo's. We're in heavy "big boy" phase these days.
The start of tomato's tomato's tomato's. Roast, De-seed, cook, puree, can & freeze, repeat.
Here are our new girls, 5 hens giving us 5 egg's /day. I love to just watch them. Oscar & I have a good post nap routine where we feed them the kitchen scraps for the day and wake up slowly.
This is the best part about my house & why I want to commit to being here fully. These gardens are so unbelievable, every hour of the day people are coming & going, growing, harvesting, visiting etc. The energy that is alive across the street is immense, it wafts over into our house all day long. So we get up and do something good, everyday.


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Juniper said...

Just love those curtains in your dining room Lil, glad you are taking the time to enjoy your home space. Well done on the guest bed room.

Claire Louise Milne said...

love the cork board, perfect colours for the room.
thank you for the visit :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh - you got your chickens!!!!