Tuesday, November 3, 2009

wild thing

Can you tell I'm into plaid? Felix, that lucky little boy & because he was sick, this year for Halloween 2 handmade costumes. The first was a detective, which lost favor once he saw another kid welding a weapon. Sooooo we compromised on this Wild Thing Costume. The hat ( a little small but who cares) was made from this pattern. I really like the way it came out, and he looked darling. And to show that I haven't been been neglecting myself I made a new scarf, made from recycled suit wool that came my way via Five Green Acres.

I'm feeling a little restless in my art/craft making these days. So as not to waste too much material & precious studio time I'm taking a craft hiatus. Every few years I need a break, once I realize that I'm making the same things over & over. Need a refresher on what inspires me. I've started to carry a sketchbook around with me instead of a knitting project. Looking at the world around waiting for inspiration may seem a little silly, but rite when you think your searching something like this appears.
This video was taken before I even had kids, a quiet lunch in our little kitchen in the old house. I noticed this reflection on the wall and was mesmerized.
( don't mind the sound, it's just our community radio station. )


Little C and Little J said...

Yay! I hope this means more blogging, too. I love the vid, those moments are great. p.s. I can't resist missing WORT.

Juniper said...

cool mesmerising video! Could Felix look more cute?! Did Oscar dress up his year? Have decided to do as the romans do and dress the kids up for carnival here, so will be attempting that hat pattern in January. One day I hope to be in he states for Halloween - take them trick or treating.

Anonymous said...

Oh that video is so gorgeous! I've taken pictures of those crazy shadows on the wall. I think the wavy old window create the most beautiful distortions.

:) Thanks for the shout-out! Great scarf!

And I've been meaning to say - so sorry to hear about Riley. That's really hard.