Tuesday, November 17, 2009

the hill

This fall the boys & I have found ourselves, many times, on top of this hill. It is near our house, an easy stop on our way to or from anywhere. What I love about being there with my boys, and many others in tow, is the freedom they have to run, throw and explore this great park. This year is so different now that Oscar can run & keep up with Felix. I'm more relaxed because I'm not either pregnant or toting around a baby. I just pack a few apples & we either throw them or eat them, most likely both. Felix & Oscar are really really acting like brothers now. sigh........
( Notice that felix has his hill sweater on for the occasion. )
more holiday crafts coming up soon, if I can get it together.


Juniper said...

Oh wow- Oscar looks so grown up! I so envy you having that kind of wide open green space, happy to see you all really enjoying and appreciating it! What a cute pair of boys and yes- it must be really nice to see them growing into a new stage of being brothers. I really think it's these moments that are the quiet highlights of parenthood .

Boy Crazy said...

I love brothers.