Tuesday, October 27, 2009

views from the day

Today felt like the days when I was a new mom, only a few years ago. All day at home, quiet music on, small tasks, lots of books, nap times a must. I tried to stay off of the computer & out of the kitchen. A vintage puzzle was unearthed from who knows where, a drawer maybe. A coloring station, a tent. I know that with the boys getting bigger I tend to run them more. Going on more errands & adventures, which is fun. But today was a good reminder that to be home all day, again, can be simple & fun.


Boy Crazy said...

I feel the same way. I love those days. Miss you.

Juniper said...

Nice mix of pictures Lil, yes, the home days can be very sweet too. miss you, struggling to find the right time to call you.

julie said...

Hi Lily, hope you don't mind me contacting you through your blog, I've been trying to contact you through Etsy to see whether you are still making your wooden painted people but not sure that your Etsy shop is still operating. You did my family and a friends family for me a year or so back (Melbourne Family and Friends) and we are now expecting our 4th girl and it just doesn't seem right not to have tenfingerworkshop person for our new baby as well. I would also love to get my sister's family done too. If you are still making these people, I'd love to hear from you. Julie (my etsy username was winnieand pablo)