Tuesday, September 8, 2009


My little Oscar is a scratcher. Since I knew I couldn't be around him at the party I tagged him so all other parents would know. Pick up your kids when he's around.
Dancing in the shop after hours. Thanks T for putting in that new floor !
Todd on the guitar, Tim on fiddle, Karl on Base, Peter on banjo, and others made up the band for the evening.
After the potluck and a happy birthday song we started to dance. Jessie was the caller, a farmer & fine fiddler himself, he got everyone moving.
Flower prep the night before.

Thanks to everyone for coming and thanks to my family for helping me put on the party that I had in my mind. " wouldn't it be great if we could square-dance in the backyard!? " If this is what Thirty looks like I'm so in. Babies at our feet asking for another piece of watermelon. Friends picking up any child who needs help while maintaining a spirited conversation with a neighbor. Musicians who can grill chicken, and Family who will pick things up where you left off.
I think we'll do this again.


Little C and Little J said...

Oh! What a great party! Happy 30th, Lily. Personally, I think the thirties are the best. Looks like such a fun birthday, wish we could have been there. Kieran and I nearly peed our pants at the picture of your little guy "Don't Trust Me. I scratch" is what we now say to eachother in passing to get a laugh. Keep it coming!

Juniper said...

Love the shirt the sign and happy to know you had such a great party sis! So wish we would have been there!!!