Saturday, July 26, 2008

pressing flowers

Even though our projects together have a 5 min. time span this one was pretty fun. Although I couldn't quite answer his question " why are we pressing flowers mama? " I'm not sure actually. Any ideas for pressed flower projects?


TinaJewel said...

Once they are for sure dry my mother use to glue them to card stock and make cards out of them. Pansies worked great for this!

Rebekah Smith said...

lots and lots of ideas for this!:-)...put flowers on rocks, or make cards and bookmarks...make flower critters and frame them...suncatchers and coasters...pins and necklaces...well, the list just goes on and on!:-) can see what i do here... wonderful that you are teaching your young lads about the beauty of pressed flowers!:-)


ten finger workshop said...

Thank you rebekah for your insight, I'll do just that, bookmarks seem like a great idea.