Saturday, July 5, 2008

A dozen dolls

A dozen dolls
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Almost finished with my first wholesale order ! These 12 ( plus some more) are going to head off into the world very soon. The good people at Capitol Kids were kind enough to give me a change. It's really made me get me chops in order. I ordered tags from Moo, started labeling the bottoms and am thinking about display. Is the egg carton cool ( cut down and painted ??) or is it too silly ?
This has been an insane week with potty training the big guy, growth spurt with the little guy and guests coming and going, I'm surprised I got time to paint at all. I'm actually looking forward to Monday.


Katy said...

when I just saw the pic on flickr I thought 'how cool do they look in the egg box'
So there's the answer!

K, M & little C said...

Yeah Lily! They look great, and so exciting. I wish I lived in Madison, I would go in and not only buy them but talk really loud about how much I like them. Congrats.