Thursday, January 27, 2011

penguins - the long winter days pt 1

I had stashed this cool wooden model from a recent craft store raid a few weeks back.  When reading Casper the Ghost comics exhausted itself this afternoon I stumbled upon this.  So while the little one was asleep, Felix & I dove into figuring this thing out.  It was so fun, I felt like I had finally found a project that was at his level, fun and we stayed friends throughout building it.  The result is a sweet pair of penguins.  A mama and a little guy,  how perfect. 
score one for the tired what are we going to do???


Anonymous said...

Get this DVD from the library: Antarctic Antics by Judy Sierra. It's one of those Scholastic videos with storybook cartoons. Will keep them entertained for at least 45 minutes or whatever their attention span is.
I'm not above buying time with a video from time to time. :)

Anonymous said...

Great little project, nicely documented. You have a good eye.