Friday, March 13, 2009

bird bulletin board

This was another quick project that came from the last craft night which I hosted. A friend brought extra supplies from this project and left it for anyone who wanted to try it. So after making my chicken cards I had just enough to make this bulletin board from an old frame, a dish towel, cork, heat & bond and some card board to back it. I'll try to make a tutorial this weekend when I get more supplies. And I can now officially say that I'm procrastinating some bigger projects. All right, I'll go and paint now.


Katie said...

Love this! It's functional art. I adore birds in art/decor, and I'm redoing my office right now, so I hope you do post a tutorial! Is that just fabric over a bulletin board? Anyway, very lovely!

K, M & little C said...

I'd love a tutorial, we need a cork board in our new kitchen! And, I even have extra cork. This is gorgeous. Your procrastination is always welcome in my book.

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