Tuesday, December 21, 2010

making a bit of christmas magic for a friend.

Hello all you holiday makers,  we're gearing up just like you are for all the festivities later in the week. While my lists are done,  I got a chance to help a good friend this week by making her boys some stockings to hang for Santa.  I had been making mittens using old felted sweaters and this fantastic free tutorial from Five Green Acres ( and Mary Jo's old sweaters too! ) .  These stockings were simple to make using the scraps from the sweaters.  I used an old stocking as a pattern and than cut it into 5 pieces.  Using the pattern I tried to make a white, blue & green stocking each embroidered with the sweet boy's name.  I like the cozy handmade look of them,  maybe I'll make some for my boys next year.      there's always next year rite?! 
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to you all. 

Cheers,  Lily


Elizabeth @claritychaos said...

Oh, Lily. I love them. The boys love them! They are exactly what I was hoping for - cozy and hand-made and special. I asked the boys if they wanted to head to the craft store to find little decorations to glue on, but they like them just as they are. In fact, Eli started to try his on before I stopped him and told him what they were for! He very much liked the idea of socks that hold presents rather than feet. :)

Thanks again my friend. I adore you. Merry Christmas!

meg said...

they are so beautiful! well done.

urban craft said...

There is always this year for xmas crafts, although I think I will start in the summer and this way I can guarantee that they can be done before the holidays.