Thursday, November 4, 2010

tiny acorn hat

Ta Da!!
my first try at a hat,  a teeny tiny hat.  I modified this free pattern on ravelry called swell.  Since my kids arn't surfers I thought an acorn pattern would be cute.  Even though they look more like Chinese lanterns than acorns I'm happy with the result.  And while there's no one in our home to fit this tiny hat I'm sure I can find a little person to give this too before the winds blow. 

Now to cast on for one double this size for my guys. 

acorns again?  we'll see. 


Beth said...

you've been knitting like the wind lately! i love the cowl and, seriously, this is your first hat? it's amazing. great work!

Juniper said...

What a sweet hat Lily! Am very impressed, and that's your first hat-wow!

pam said...

oh miss lily-
I am downstairs itching to get into mischief. it's just the starting that's hard! the hat is adorable- and the yarn is lovely. it looks soft and warm- and so evenly knit. looking for some lily energy in my life... I'll let you know!
pam from up north....

ten finger workshop said...

HI PAM!! todd heard you on WPR yesterday, said it was great to hear your voice. Go get into trouble in that studio Pam, you are an amazing talent. Currently drinking coffee from your mug, thanks again.