Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Big Bite

We're here already!?!?!
It's been a while since I posted anything ( sorry for the two people who read this). Vacation up north, taken without the memory card for the camera, back to school, life, work and on and on. So here we are. I'm finally feeling actually present, here, today, rite now. I feel as though I'm still trying to sort out yesterday for a while. Big Birthday last week left me with some FANTASTIC new fabric, a lovely meal and cake, fiddle lessons and fancy new pants. A great way to spend the last year of my twenties. So onto this year eh!
The girls came over last night and got me all revved up for this falls crafty projects:
my optimistic ( kids will nap at the same time every day) list.
Finish the big guys sweater
Make curtains out of a table cloth for the dining room, with some crewel work perhaps?
Pillows for the big and little guy
Log bolsters

This is a truly big bite.


fivegreenacres said...

Hey - welcome back! I'm thinking about poking my head out of the "haven't blogged in eons" hole too. Kind of bright up there...

Cleo Fitzgerald said...

hey!! There is actually 3 of us that read your blog!! Welcome back!!