Wednesday, August 6, 2008

squint or you'll miss them

Toddler camera time, not bad I think. Read a more interesting tale below

So I got an email late Monday afternoon from the etsy press team saying that they were sending some of my stuff to a Good Morning America show on wednesday. Heart Beat racing......what the hell?!?!?! The awesome Etsy publicity folks bought some sets a while back to use for press purposes, I guess the GMA thing is typical. So what did I do??? Called my mom of course. I had to answer a few questions and find a flattering photo ( unfortunately it was pre-children) and than wait until this morning. While fighting with the big buy's cartoons, flipping back and fourth I finally heard the segment. Staying home and making money - or something of that nature-, there's Diane Sawyer in front of a table of etsy art, including a tiny set of dolls. While my dolls were not featured I can say that they were on Good Morning America, for what it's worth.


Anonymous said...

So, um, can I get an autograph?

Hee hee. That's AWESOME!!! Clearly the dolls speak for themselves - no "featuring" needed.

tina said...

You can always say your dolls were on GMA!!! SO COOL Lily!!!!

K, M & little C said...

Very cool, Lily. And, well deserved. The dolls (and you!) are great.